Boosting the UK’s research capabilities to help solve the challenges of the day

In an uncertain world, how is public data helping us to tackle complex and cross-cutting issues in society?   

This is just one question we answer in the latest episode of Statistically Speaking, as we take a closer look at an aspect of the ONS’s work that is less well-known but arguably just as important.  

We learn how a growing range of integrated data assets are making new analysis possible; Find out how government analysts, universities, and the wider research community ensure public data remains valuable long after it’s been turned into published statistics; and explore the step-change transformation now under way in how public data is made available to researchers.   

Joining Miles for this episode are Jason Yaxley, Director of ONS’ Integrated Data Programme; Bill South, Deputy Director of the Research Services and Data Access division at ONS; and Dr. Becky Arnold, award winning researcher from Keele University.   

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