Data Science: Changing mindsets

A year on from the formal launch of the Data Science Campus, Peter Fullerton, our Deputy Director for Planning and Resources, reflects on how the frenetic start-up and growth of the Campus has changed his view on what can be achieved.

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Realising the potential of ONS research data

Every year hundreds of innovative projects are completed by authorised researchers granted secure access to anonymised ONS survey data. Director of Methods, Data and Research, Sarah Henry believes this work with the research community’s work is critical to tackling major social issues and growing the economy. Here, she reports on a recent event which celebrated its success while acknowledging the importance of preserving public trust.         

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The gender data gap

As we approach the centenary of women’s suffrage, gender issues remain a topic of fierce interest and debate through issues such as the gender pay gap, sexual harassment and male suicide. Last week, Emma Rourke took part in an event which asked do we have the data we need to make  informed decisions on how to tackle issues of gender equality? Here, Emma explains the role data has to play. 

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