The gender data gap

As we approach the centenary of women’s suffrage, gender issues remain a topic of fierce interest and debate through issues such as the gender pay gap, sexual harassment and male suicide. Last week, Emma Rourke took part in an event which asked do we have the data we need to make  informed decisions on how to tackle issues of gender equality? Here, Emma explains the role data has to play. 

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The digital evolution of ONS

Digital technology is fast changing the way ONS operates. More surveys are moving online and new devices are helping the tireless ONS field force to better engage with the public.  Here, Jason Bradbury describes the “huge steps” already taken – and what’s coming next.

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Developing Data Analytics at ONS – Apprentice profile

Last year we recruited the UK’s first data analytics apprentices into our  Newport-based multi-million pound Data Science Campus to work on some of the most exciting analytical and policy questions facing decision-makers and wider society. Here, we shine the spotlight on Gareth Jones, a Data Analytics Apprentice.

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