The digital evolution of ONS

Digital technology is fast changing the way ONS operates. More surveys are moving online and new devices are helping the tireless ONS field force to better engage with the public.  Here, Jason Bradbury describes the “huge steps” already taken – and what’s coming next.

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Reflecting views on the 2021 Census

A further update from Iain Bell on development work for the 2021 census. As ONS continues to develop its recomendations for government, some questions are now on course for inclusion. Others, on topics including ethnicity and religion as well as sexuality and gender identity, are still to be decided on.

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The inflation story – history of prices measurement told for the first time in new book

The monthly UK consumer prices release is one of our most closely-watched outputs. Not least by the Governor of the Bank of England who must  explain to the Chancellor when inflation misses its target. Now the long history of UK prices measurement is the subject of a new book charting the development of its complex methodologies and the people and institutions behind them.  As co-author and ONS Methodologist Dr Jeff Ralph explains, it all began with a handful of pioneers and visionaries.

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