Coronavirus in care homes: What the latest ONS research tells us

Two new ONS analyses provide further insight on the impact of  coronavirus (COVID-19) on care homes.  While both help to improve understanding of this important subject, comparisons between the two should be made with caution.  Becky Tinsley summarises the latest findings and gives an insight into future analysis the ONS is planning.

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Shopping may never be the same again

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed many elements of our everyday lives, including how we shop. The introduction of movement restrictions meant the closure of most physical shops, so many consumers have been doing their shopping from home instead. In May 2020, over a third of retail spending was online – the highest ever share. In this blog Josh Martin takes a closer look at the online retail sales data to understand this trend.

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How has lockdown affected people of different ages?

Whilst the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is affecting everyone, the ways in which our lives are impacted are different depending on our own health, and the family and communities we belong to. New analyses show the way in which different age groups are impacted by the virus.

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