Understanding the extent and nature of child abuse

Child abuse is an appalling crime against some of the most vulnerable in society. It’s something that’s not often discussed or well understood, and there has been a lack of complete statistics. The Office for National Statistics has been working to produce the most comprehensive picture possible by incorporating questions into the Crime Survey for England and Wales and analysing this alongside other sources of data, which can only tell a partial story. Here Meghan Elkin explains how bringing data sources together helps us better understand both the nature of child abuse and the potential demand on support services.

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The emerging picture of UK homelessness and rough sleeping

Today we’ve published an important update on the cross government project to improve the coherence of statistics produced on homelessness across the UK and build a better understanding of this critical social problem.   The new work suggests that while the number of people seeking help for homelessness has remained broadly stable since 2013, there is some evidence the age profile of that group has become older. Here Debra Prestwood outlines the latest work to ensure statistics can answer  important questions about homelessness and rough sleeping in the UK.

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Providing the best picture of international migration

The latest ONS figures show that migration continues to add to the UK population but there are different trends for EU and non-EU migrants. EU migration has been falling since 2016, while non-EU migration has now stabilised following gradual increases since 2013. Here Jay Lindop puts the latest figures into the context of on-going work to better understand the complexities around international migration.

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