Informing the pandemic response: What’s next from the ONS?

In the months ahead ONS will continue to provide new information to inform the UK’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. New analysis of the transmission rate will be included along with further insight on the social and economic impacts.  In this post Liz McKeown and Grant Fitzner, who are leading the analytical response, reflect on our progress so far, and describe our plans going forward.

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ONS publishes new data on COVID-19 deaths and the social and economic impacts of pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting the lives of each and every one of us. Today the ONS has published a range of updated information on its impact including a new analysis of underlying causes of death. The consequences for people’s personal well-being and for businesses and jobs are also explored. Here, Iain Bell summarises the latest data.

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People matter: improving our estimates of human capital

Alongside the traditional measures of prosperity like GDP, the ONS is at the forefront of an international movement that’s developing new and alternative economic indicators that go beyond simple financial value. Central to this work are the plans to develop new ways of measuring ‘human capital’ that have been unveiled today. Here John Marais makes the case for measuring human capital better.

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