How the COVID-19 Pandemic has accelerated the shift to online spending

Image shows someone's hands holding a credit card over a laptop keyboard, like they are shopping online

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on the retail sector with many stores forced to close at the height of lockdown. During that time consumers switched their spending to online. As Rhys Dalgleish explains, since many shops have now reopened, the shift back to in store purchasing has begun but a far higher proportion remains online than before the crisis.

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Measuring the UK housing market?

Image of a house on a scales. There is a green up arrow on the left and a down arrow in red on the right of it

House prices and the state of the property market are an abiding national obsession. How much is my place worth, are prices rising around here and can I afford to buy yet? The coronavirus pandemic has made the task of collecting data about the housing and rental markets more challenging, but the ONS and others have  continued to produce figures. Here Chris Jenkins looks what they say about the state of the property market in pandemic so far.

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Public services: measuring the part they play in the economy through the pandemic

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has clearly hit the economy of all countries very hard, with big falls in GDP across the world. The UK has seen the output of its public services, such as health and education, hit harder than many other countries. Here Rob Kent Smith explains how we measure the contribution of these important services and why we’ve seen such big declines.  

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Getting the price right: how we have developed new price measures to show how the pandemic has affected inflation

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic threw up a number of challenges, including how to measure consumer price inflation. Some people asked what inflation would look like if we rebalanced the figures to take account of the different household spending patterns that lockdown brought on. Here Mike Hardie writes about how we have produced these new, rebalanced numbers and what they show.

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Understanding the full business impact of the coronavirus pandemic

An artists impression of COVID-19 virus and decorative charts

Statistics on the number of business creations and closures are important indicators of the health of the economy. However, the different measures of creation and closure can paint a complex picture. Josh Martin describes some new ways we’re measuring this important metric to support understanding of the longer-run impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy.

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