PODCAST: Year in Review 2023

It has been a radical and transformative 2023 for the Office for National Statistics, with work underway to future-proof its figures in a number of its outputs.   

National Statistician, Sir Ian Diamond, joins podcast host Miles Fletcher for the latest episode of Statistically Speaking, to look back over the past 12 months and discuss why change was needed. 

From the public consultation on the future of population statistics, and whether we need another Census, to new models for measuring the labour market – the importance of surveys and the use of new sources of data is high on the agenda. 

We hear how thousands of new price points now inform the way we look at the economy; how the ONS captures the country’s expenditure on research and development; and how its largest publication on Natural Capital valued the environment at £1.5 trillion. 

On top of that, we hear about the importance of the ONS’s refreshed data strategy in 2023; progress of its Integrated Data Service; and the role the organisation is playing to increase data literacy among civil servants through the One Big Thing campaign.  

That, and much more, including Sir Ian’s hopes for 2024, can he heard in the full episode here.