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How Has Lockdown Affected Our Well-being?

Today we release new analysis that, for the first time, shines a light on how the Government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has affected some of the most vulnerable members of society. This pioneering work also adds to ONS insight on how the lockdown has affected the mental health and personal well-being of people from all corners of society

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How could new metrics help to end homelessness?

Homelessness remains one of the most pressing, some say growing, issues that policy makers face but a clear understanding of the causes is hampered by a lack of clear data. The ONS and Centre for Homelessness Impact have launched a consultation on a new set of homelessness indicators which aim to measure factors that influence homelessness, such as housing, poverty, and relationships to try and find new ways to measure what areas are most at risk.  Here Hugh Stickland Ligia Teixeira set out the aims of the consultation and invite contributions.

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