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Hiding in plain sight? Why economically inactive people aren’t in ‘hidden unemployment’

You’re either classed as employed or unemployed, right? Well, wrong, actually – there are three different possible ways people can be classified in the labour market. Here David Freeman looks at the third status, called ‘economic inactivity’ and explains how ONS statistics fully capture people’s involvement, or lack of it, with the world of work and why economically inactive people aren’t just in ‘hidden unemployment’.

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Local jobs for local people? How the ONS keeps abreast of shifting employment patterns

The monthly UK employment figures are among the most closely-watched indicators of the nation’s economic health.  But behind the headline figures, the Office for National Statistics also gathers a wealth of local employment data that offer valuable insight into the everchanging nature and distribution of jobs. David Freeman sets out what’s available, how we gather it, and looks forward to some new and even more detailed statistics to come.       

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Transforming how we report employment – why four is better than one

Making ONS statistics more accessible is a key part of the ‘Better Statistics, Better Decisions’ strategy.  With the ups and downs of the job market closely followed by experts and non-specialists alike, our reporting of employment statistics is changing to make the information easier to find and the main stories stand out.  David Freeman reveals how. 

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