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Public services: measuring the part they play in the economy through the pandemic

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has clearly hit the economy of all countries very hard, with big falls in GDP across the world. The UK has seen the output of its public services, such as health and education, hit harder than many other countries. Here Rob Kent Smith explains how we measure the contribution of these important services and why we’ve seen such big declines.  

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Transforming GDP: next steps on the journey  

The ONS has announced further plans to improve and transform the production of GDP and the wider National Accounts over the next few years. The changes will offer a clearer and more detailed picture of an increasingly digital UK economy than has been possible until now.

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Getting the balance right – how ONS creates a single estimate of GDP

After 70 years of production Gross Domestic Product (GDP) remains the single most closely watched economic indicator. The success  of government economic policy is judged against it and it’s the yardstick for the scale of public spending and debt.  As Rob Kent-Smith explains, calculating GDP requires the informed balancing of sometimes contradictory data sources.     

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