Office for National Statistics

About the size of a London flat

Over-crowding is an indicator of housing deprivation and living in such conditions is associated with adverse personal and health effects. Here, Brogan Taylor explains how the ONS is seeking to fill an evidence gap in this important policy area by combining new sources of data with other information about people and houses to provide new measures of living conditions.

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Understanding highest educational qualification: The case for using Administrative Data

Asking people in a survey to recall their education can be problematic, especially where that recall can go back decades. Could using data sources already held by government departments help improve the quality of our statistics on educational attainment? At the ONS we are uniquely placed to be able to harness the potential of these data sources and a key example is some of the work we’ve been able to do through accessing administrative data from the Department for Education.  Here, Brogan Taylor explains how the new work is taking the ONS a step closer towards being able to analyse education qualifications more frequently than in the census.

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Statistics are a global power for public good

The Office for National Statistics are leading an international project to begin to define the true value for official statistics around the world.  Ed Humpherson, Director General for Regulation at the UK Statistics Authority, reflects on why this is important and how it could help to transform evidence based decision making on an international scale.

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