Minding the gap: how we’re improving our measurement of income inequality

ONS publishes widely used estimates of household income, including how much people earn, what benefits they receive and how much they pay in taxes as well as looking at the gap between the richest and poorest households. Here Dominic Webber writes about the important work to improve the quality of these statistics and provide more detailed information on this much debated topic.

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Solid foundations: how ONS has transformed its construction statistics

Covering a multitude of widely diverse businesses from multinationals to one-person bands engaged in activities from domestic plumbing to building skyscrapers, the construction sector is notoriously difficult to measure. Yet it accounts for approximately six per cent of the UK’s GDP and is a heavily scrutinised part of the economy. Delivering better construction statistics has been a recent priority for ONS. Here Ceri Lewis explains what’s been achieved so far.       

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