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What’s in a name? There’s more than you might think to the ONS baby names list

Baby smiling at camera

The annual release of baby names by the ONS may not be the most significant event in the statistical calendar. Yet it remains one of the most popular pages on the ONS website and a firm favourite with the news media. Here Nick Stripe argues in defence of baby names lists. Far from being inconsequential, he argues, the annual changes hint reliably at the social and cultural changes underway in our population.

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Whatever happened to 2 Point 4 children?

Two children play while their parents watch on the sofa behind

The phrase ‘2.4 children’ refers to the stereotypical family size in this country. But does it still hold true? As the ONS publishes its first analysis of births that took place in England and Wales in 2018, Nick Stripe considers whether it’s time to change that number.

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The power of a royal baby name

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex

With Their Royal Highnesses The Dukeand Duchess of Sussex (Harry and Meghan) expecting their first child soon, ONS Head of Life Events Nick Stripe takes a look at the enduring popularity of royal baby names.

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Married by 30? You’re now in the minority

Wedding bouquet and rings

It’s not so long ago that most people in England and Wales were married in their late teens or twenties. But times have changed and those that are married by the age of thirty are in the minority now. Following the latest ONS marriages data, Nick Stripe examines some of the long-term trends in marriage and relationships.

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