Office for National Statistics

Can social media data improve official statistics? Not yet, suggests new work on tourism

While ONS strategy is focused on making more use of government-held data to improve official statistics , researchers in the Data Science Campus are also exploring the value of social media data. There’s plenty of it and its potential seems obvious. But who is “citizen of the world” and where is “Black Pudding land”? As well as privacy concerns some big limitations in the data need addressing too, conclude Lanthao Benedikt and Emily Tew.  

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Supporting global goals in Ghana

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals offer a blueprint to global prosperity. ONS is leading an effort to provide our international partner countries with an open-source reporting platform for them. Christopher Norris, who recently worked with the Ghana Statistical Service, reports on how the African nation is working to get this vital data online.

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Looking after and using data for public benefit

Improved access to datasets including those held by other government bodies will allow ONS to advance its mission of providing the UK with better statistics for better decisions.  But with new data sharing powers comes a heightened responsibility to protect personal information.  As revised policies on the use, management and security of data are published Heather Savory explains how ONS is putting the public interest first.

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