What do the latest migration numbers show?

The latest ONS figures show a small decline in net migration. It’s due mainly to a large fall in EU net migration with fewer EU citizens coming here to work. But as Jay Lindop explains you don’t have to look back too far to see when migration last looked like this.

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Crime statistics – what’s next?

ONS has been working on a “step change” in its presentation of the crime statistics for England and Wales.  As Iain Bell explains,  the new approach  emphasises clear explanation of the latest trends using the best possible source of information on each type of crime.    

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Reflecting views on the 2021 Census

A further update from Iain Bell on development work for the 2021 census. As ONS continues to develop its recomendations for government, some questions are now on course for inclusion. Others, on topics including ethnicity and religion as well as sexuality and gender identity, are still to be decided on.

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