PODCAST: The Year in Review

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It has been another momentous year for the Office for National Statistics.  

National Statistician, Sir Ian Diamond, joins Miles in a “slightly festive” episode of Statistically Speaking, to look back on some of the highlights and challenges for the ONS in 2022 while gazing positively, but objectively, towards 2023. 

From the release of the first results of Census 2021, which Sir Ian calls “one of the greatest censuses that has ever been undertaken”, to the creation of a personal inflation calculator that has been used more than a million times to help people budget better during a time of increased cost of living, the work of ONS has been hard to miss.  

We hear how data from the past year have revealed the changing geography of ageing around the country, and how new work is helping us to better understand the needs of veterans and their families.  

On top of that, we learn how the introduction of the Health Index in England is giving us fresh insight that may help to tackle local inequalities, and how we’ve started to shine a light this year on the importance of measuring social wellbeing, alongside that of the economy. 

That, and much more, including Sir Ian answering questions from some of our listeners, can he heard in the full episode here