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Closing the income gap: how we estimate the impact of taxes and benefits on household incomes

The ONS produces an annual assessment of how the UK’s tax and benefits system impacts the incomes of UK households. Measuring the incomes of the whole population presents particular challenges and recently our findings have come under scrutiny. Here Richard Tonkin explains how the ONS estimates are produced and the improvements under way to make sure they remain reliable.

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Revealing income inequalities: New data sources shed new light on key policy challenge.

High levels of income inequality have been associated with lower economic growth, poor social cohesion and limited social mobility.  But the most effective policy responses need to be informed by the best data. Here Richard Tonkin discusses how the ONS is upgrading its household income statistics to make them more accurate, relevant and accessible than ever before.

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Beyond GDP: How ONS is developing wider measures of the UK economy

ONS is in the midst of an important programme of transformation. Not only are we improving our current statistics but also developing new economic indicators. These go beyond the traditional headline measure of GDP to provide broader measures of our economy and society. Richard Tonkin presents a handy guide to the innovative outputs about to emerge.

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