GDP: a worthwhile, but incomplete, measure

Recently GDP has come under some close scrutiny for failing to capture unpaid work and the impact of economic growth on the environment. Jonathan Athow looks at GDP’s strengths as well as some other measures and statistics that can be used to understand wider measures of well-being.

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Measuring the digital economy: Is history about to be rewritten?

How properly to measure the impact of digital technology is a big challenge for statisticians and economists the world over. Media reports have suggested that historic mismeasurement of the telecoms sector means that the UK’s recent economic history will have to be significantly rewritten. As ONS Deputy Economist Richard Heys explains, it really isn’t as simple as that.    

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The inflation story – history of prices measurement told for the first time in new book

The monthly UK consumer prices release is one of our most closely-watched outputs. Not least by the Governor of the Bank of England who must  explain to the Chancellor when inflation misses its target. Now the long history of UK prices measurement is the subject of a new book charting the development of its complex methodologies and the people and institutions behind them.  As co-author and ONS Methodologist Dr Jeff Ralph explains, it all began with a handful of pioneers and visionaries.

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